The International PMU and Business Conference

DUBAI, November 16th, 2017

It’s time for trendsetting. It’s time to see more than techniques and newest styles. It’s time to see the whole concept of Permanente Make Up industry.
SILAM BUSINESS [ + ] edition was carefully planned to give you the real chance to find your actual trajectory on the PMU worldwide map. Where you are? What’s your target? Are you ready to be recognized?

Come to meet with exceptional people who are really focused on top ideas spreading.


project manager

André dos Santos


Brazilian, PMU consultant, entrepreneur, and business consultant for 7 years. Have business experience in 25 countries.


He had created the SILAM concept leading the first international conference in Latin America to connect all Latin American professionals. The first edition took place in Uruguay, September 2015
SILAM brand creator is connected with all following projects: SILAM SYMPOSIUM, SILAM MASTER CLASS, SILAM CLUB, SILAM CONSULTING and SILAM partner products.



Claudio Inove


Brazilian, beautician and PMU artist for 7 years. FABDEC Founder & CEO – Brazilian Micropigmentation Federation.

Claudio has a great experience in conferences such as Permanent International 2016 (Berlin), Semipermanent Makeup Middle East – SPMU-ME 2016 (Dubai), Beauty World ME and Beauty Academy Conference both in Emirates. He will be joining SILAM IN CONCERT 2017 (Brasil) and also SILAM BUSINESS [ + ] in Dubai.

project manager


November 16th, 2017

  • 09:00 - 09:45


    A dermatologist sees a patient every 30 minutes on average per day. The partnership between physicians and micropigmentation professionals can offer benefits for both classes covering far beyond the combined procedures, since the medical class has admittedly efficient ethical and operational standards. Dubai will be the international hub that will bring together the most advanced and elitist team of professionals to discuss commercial proposals focusing on the international relations Brazil - United Arab Emirates.
    With the aim of presenting the commercial template and its results in the association of techniques emphasizing the combined work of surgeon and micropigmentation specialists, we will bring to our event the most respected professionals of the Middle East and the most attractive plastic surgery procedures for eyebrows business plan.

  • 10:00 - 10:45


    The positioning strategy in the international market is vital for the rise and survival in one of the most competitive luxury markets in the world. Culture, gender and style are essential concepts that need to be adapted to the target audience in an innovative and versatile way to make a difference in the market.
    Consumers of the most varied classes, especially those of luxury goods, are constantly bombarded with the greatest technological innovations that invoke the senses and appeal to the ego as a source of permanent acceptance.
    Silam Business [+] brings experts from companies such as Burj Al Arab Hotel and Cartier to unveil the best tools and strategies essential for the sale of luxury products and services in the international market. Having access to this information will be the great asset to successfully position your brand in the United Arab Emirates.

  • 11:00 - 11:45


    Exclusivity is a word that defines a marketing thinking focused on the individuality that can not be reached by all. Being unique is essential for customers in the Arab world.
    The V-VIP audience lives in a reality in which their desires serve as the basis to feed their ego and to show society their position. The most exquisite taste and purchasing power allow them to take no risks; They always opt for the more expensive and better.
    To be able to serve this select segment of the market, it is necessary to understand the concept of high expectation based on excellence. The professional must learn to explore these characteristics in their favor, because there is no room for mistakes or misunderstandings.
    Accuracy and dedication are the foundation to win the trust of this niche market.
    Professional entrepreneurs who make their money out of art need in-depth knowledge in business to ensure their success, which usually ends up being a team work in which skilled professionals are able to develop and apply with mastery strategies and techniques to ensure their success.
    Neuro marketing and business consultants will guide you with the best strategies to create the business plan and the best way to approach and develop your business in this region.

  • 12:00 - 13:30

    Lunch Break

    Lunch Break

    Lunch Break

  • 13:30 - 14:15


    The world has become a large global village, making possible for professionals to access markets that were once considered inaccessible. An insertion project in international markets is vital so lead you through the perfect path that you help to boost your business.
    Allying planning and knowledge of the target market allows you to visualize a global scenario in real time whether for investment or just as a work field.
    Silam Business [+] will bring top professionals in the field of investment, marketing, consulting and global luxury market research as Dubai has more than 150 nationalities and has become the largest international business center in the world. These consultants will share and guide with regard to costs to start penetrating the Arab market. This information, allied to the consumption and demand habits of the region's VIP audience, will enable professionals to prepare adequately to begin this new stage in their careers.

  • 14:30 - 15:45


    All clients who fetch for some type of cosmetic procedure, regardless of their purchasing power, have high expectations regarding the result, since we are talking about their image, their personal presentation. However, we are aware that professionals have different alternatives to achieve the desired result since they depend on many factors such as: material, cost and service structure.
    Culturally the more expensive a product or service is, the more valuable it will be for the public class A, which generates even greater expectation in terms of result.
    More important than the value of the procedure is the experience offered to the client and the way the professional works towards their expectation regarding the results.
    Renowned professionals in the GCC countries will help them to understand and explore the various ways of introducing themselves for different audiences and being their own competitor such as Coca Cola, Nike and Accor hotels.

  • 15:30 - 16:15


    The rise of Dubai as the largest business center in the world was meteoric. As a result of the Sheikhs' vision for a promising future for the region because of its strategic location and oil wealth, they have invested in excellence in the most diverse sectors to ensure local prosperity.
    The beauty industry is one of the main sources of billing in the Arab world. After allowing international investments in the local economy and the arrival of millions of expatriates, women in the region were exposed to all sorts of procedures that could emancipate them. The body exposition and mainly their face that before happened in a discreet way and without great disclosure, today is a success between them, including many manifestations in social media and followers.
    This cultural and economic opening made Dubai the best market for the beauty industry of the moment. Classified as the seventh richest country in the world in 2016, in front of the US and Switzerland, the Arab Emirates continues to stand out in high technologies and aesthetic procedures.
    The most experienced professionals in the Middle East will present some cases of successful brands that have taken advantage of the culture and commercial openness to settle in Dubai.

  • 16:30 - 17:00


    The big challenge in micropigmentation is to increase revenue without losing quality. There is a formula that leads to success in the franchise business, but to give other professionals the responsibility of guaranteeing their clients the same quality when it comes to artistic works is a difficult task.
    Great brands in the fashion world go through the same process as they expand, the choice of the professionals as well as their training are delicate moments that require artistic attention from the mentors to understand how this will work.
    We will have renowned professionals from the Chalhoub group which is the world's largest luxury holding company, with brands such as Cristian Loubotin, Dolce & Gabannna, Louis Vitton and others. Chalhoub team will share their experience, problems and solutions that the expansion brought and how they dealt with these impacts without affecting the brand image. This lecture is fundamental to understand penetration in the international market.

  • 17:15 - 18:00


    Having the certification as a professional and local experience is the foundation to start building your international business plan. However it takes a lot more to succeed.
    A professional to win other markets must first of all be an artist, a daring entrepreneur with the ability to adapt to the most diverse situations and publics.
    Patience and courage are the key characteristics to build your clientele, adapt to another culture, language and values.
    Our consultants will guide you in this arduous yet fascinating international career showing the needs and requirements for success.

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